NJ Hydraulic Hoses

NJ Hydraulic Hoses

The Hose Shop stocks and distributes a wide variety of hoses, products and accessories. We are located in New Jersey and distribute our products globally for commercial, residential and industrial uses. Our large inventory allows us to ship or begin work quickly. We also provide a number of services on these products. Our skilled mechanics can build and customize hoses for any use. We work with any kind of industrial or hydraulic hoses.

Our facility contains 101,000 sqare foot where we store over 60 different brands of hoses, couplings, adapters and accessories. These are all quality products that we sell at affordable prices. Along with these, products, The Hose Shop also provides several services, such as hydraulic hose fabrication and repair, industrial hose fabrication and repair, and cylinder repair.

Hydraulic Hoses
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We offer hydraulic equipment as well as fabrication and repair for hydraulic hoses. Whether you need our products for residential, commercial or industrial applications, the friendly and experienced staff at The Hose Shop can provide you with a good quality hose.

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Industrial Hoses
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At The Hose Shop, we have a large selection of hoses for a wide variety of uses. Along with specialty models, our products are also capable of internal expansion. Whether you need hoses for welding, fire suppression, sandblasting or numerous other uses, we have the resources to accommodate you.

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Cylinder Repair
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Are you looking for cylinder repair? At The Hose Shop, we offer repairs and resealing, as well as custom-made rods too. If you are looking for hydraulic pump and motor services, we can provide replacements and customized models for you.

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We have supplied and fabricated hoses for mass transit, railroads and airports. All of our technicians are specially trained to fabricate and install new hoses when they need to be replaced. We have worked on every type and brand of hose and have all of the necessary knowledge to repair anything that comes our way. Some of the many types of hoses that we supply and work with include:

If you would like more information on any of our services or products, call The Hose Shop at 732-562-1000.

NJ Hydraulic Hoses