Hose Internal Expansion Service NJ

Hose Internal Expansion Service

Are you looking for Hose Internal Expansion Service in NJ? Our in-house Holedell Coupling Machine produces up to 10,000 psi of line pressure for up to 25 tons of ram force and is capable of external swaging and internal expanding through 3" ID hoses. This machine allows us to attach the fitting to the hose by expanding it from the inside rather than crimping from the outside. In doing so the material flowing through the hose will not cause any build up and your service will run more efficiently with less chance of malfunction.

Very few distributors have this capability, which is another service that sets us apart from the rest. It is ideal for when full-flow non-restricted fittings are required. Applications include: Hydro seeding, food transfer, fuel delivery, cement or grout pumps. These are just a few of the most popular hose assemblies that we service.

External Swaging is greater for retention as compared to clamping for all types of hoses. For more information about our Hose Internal Expansion Service in NJ, contact The Hose Shop Inc. in Piscataway at 732-562-1000 or in Matawan at 732-946-7000 or in Branchburg at 908-255-4250.

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Hose Internal Expansion Service NJ